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Call Us Now: (779) 994-MUSE (6873)

Call Us Now: (779) 994-MUSE (6873)

About us

Our History So Far

Josh and Dan (the owners) were looking for a new place to live while taking into account their two basset hounds (Snails & Molly) who aren't too fond of stairs and enjoy all sorts of smells.

In early 2021, the owners had come across a property listing that intrigued them and brought them to the Freeport Illinois area. Upon viewing the property and the snow covered land, they were inspired to take some dreams and make them into a reality.

Their inspiration evolved into a concept for a wine bar / restaurant event space that could expand into other offerings to align well with the natural beauty of the land. The culmination of all these ideas lead to the name 'The Muse on Cedar Creek' as the land itself has truly been an inspiration from the start.

The Muse on Cedar Creek provides a special event experience at a scenic location for guests to enjoy local wine and craft beers along with local cheese, sausages, chocolates, amongst other things in our retail space. We will also provide space for community and private events, onsite catering, and a Bed & Breakfast.

The Muse on Cedar Creek is a relaxing and scenic destination where you can enjoy a great selection of local wine and craft beers, delicious foods, and the comfort of a quiet location.

A Little About the Land

The Muse was previously home to Famous Fossil Winery which offered wines and light refreshments that were paired with the spectacular scenery. The Famous Fossil brand started in 2007 after Pam and Ken Rosmann built a world class winery on land that was previously used for farming. The Muse intends to build on the amazing work of this dynamic duo who trasnformed the land into a spectacular venue.

The Muse on Cedar Creek was previously a winery, but was recently purchased by our current owners and has since been repurposed into a restaurant & event location.

Company Commitments


Our first commitment to our customers to provide them with a comfortable atmosphere to enjoy their leisure time. The Muse on Cedar Creek will be a prime location for showers, weddings, and parties like none other. We will utilize food and beverage trends to craft unqiue experiences. We will be a destination that can inspire guests to come back regularly.

Our second commitment to our customers is to provide community events open to the public to make it accessible for everyone to attend. Events such as a concert or movie night will have a minimal entrance fee to cover evening entertainment costs. We will welcome guests at community events to bring their food or purchase our delicious options available that evening.


The Muse on Cedar Creek commits to taking a portion of the annual proceeds to donate to community programs and organizations. We believe that by asking the community to support us, we, in turn, need to support the community. We plan on hosting fundraisers for local (and surrounding area) registered non-profits through our Muse Cares Program and benefits for community members who are struggling due to an illness, loss, or tragic life experience.


Our commitment to our employees is a core fundamental part of how we operate. Everyone employed as full-time, part-time, or seasonal at The Muse on Cedar Creek will earn a fair wage. We do our best to ensure a safe work environment absent of discrimination.

We also want the full-time and part-time employees to benefit as the company grows. At the end of the year, anyone employed with the company will get a portion of the business profits based on hours worked.

Meet the Owners

Daniel Slowinski

Owner, Chief Financial Officer, and Grounds Management

Dan has always had a vision for bigger and better things, an engineer by education, and a budding entrepreneur by life. He graduated with a Bachelors in Computer Engineering from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2009. He immediately took on an important role in R&D at Motorola. After leaving corporate life to start his own consulting company in 2012, he has worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies and budding startups. He had even worked on a product featured on Shark Tank that resulted in a deal with Barbara Cochran.
He currently works as a full-time R&D engineer for a growing startup. He has the flexibility to work from anywhere. Dan enjoys projects that allow him to express creatively and be on the bleeding edge of technology. He’s a quick learner and eager to make the world a better place.

Joshua King-Slowinski

Owner, Chief Operations Officer, Events & Creative Director

Working in the restaurant industry from 13, Josh has done everything from dishes, bartending, serving, cooking, to management. In 2012, he graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago with an Associates Degree in Culinary Arts. He has also worked as a sales manager, event coordinator, and hotel front desk for the Wingate Inn. From 2008-2011 Josh was also an assistant manager of Destination XL(one of the biggest retailers of Big and Tall Clothing).
Josh spends a lot of his free time working with non-profits. He has coordinated small and large scale events and fundraisers.

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